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Now you can get an all cash offer to sell your house. Vacant Homes, even if you owe back taxes on the house, with or without a pending lien,  we’ll buy your house cash.

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Vacant Home or a House You Just Don't Want That You Need To Sell? We buy houses fast

To sell my vacant house an all cash offer is a call away. Get a Cash Offer to sell your vacant house now (845) 500-8749

We Buy Houses in

If you were left a house in probate or inherited a home that needs to be sold fast for cash, without having to pay real estate agent commissions we buy houses in probate.
Call Now for an all cash offer (845) 500-8749

We Buy Houses in
Foreclosure and in

Sell us your home before it goes to foreclosure auction.
Now is the right time to sell your house for cash while it is in foreclosure. Get your cash offer now (845) 500-8749

Moving out of state? We'll Buy Your Home All Cash w/an All Cash House Offer

Need to sell your home because you are moving out of state? Job transfer? Military transfer? Moving on and want to sell your house? We buy houses cash. Call (845) 500-8749

Divorce Settlement Agreement? We'll Give You A Cash Offer Now For Your Home

If you're getting a divorce and you want to sell your home we'll give you a cash offer now to purchase your home from you. Get an All Cash Deal Now to sell your house fast.
You found the right place to sell your house fast for cash!
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Downsizing? We buy houses for cash fast, and close quickly!

Need a smaller home and just want to sell the one you're looking to downsize away from? We buy houses fast and close quickly. Give us a call now for an all cash offer (845) 500-8749

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We work with you as the owner to sell my vacant house fast for cash.

Sell Your House Fast As Is

Whether you have a vacant property to sell or you are facing foreclosure, we understand. Our investors are happy to speak with you and find out the reason for selling the home. We know there are many reasons, and often selling a house is the smart thing to do. Here’s why:

  • Move On With The Next Chapter Of Your Life
  • We Can Pay Off Any Back Taxes Owed On The Property
  • We’ll Settle Out Any Liens You May Have On The Home
  • We Will Make You An All Cash House Offer To Buy Your Home Fast

Here are some things a seller needs to know when they are in foreclosure:

Time is of the essence: It is important to sell your home as quickly as possible to avoid foreclosure auction. Waiting until your foreclosure is within 30 days away from the sell date can put you in a dire situation where your buyer has to work extremely hard to close with you and the title company in such a short amount of time. So if you are currently in Foreclosure or pre-foreclosure it is important that you act now.

Sell Your House Fast with 3x The Offers

Avoid needing to pay real estate agent commissions or repairs. Sell your house as-is for cash to a home buyer now.

>> Consider selling to You can sell your home in foreclosure to a cash buyer now. Cash Offer Faster will buy your home All Cash, As-Is, and we can also offer Creative Financing, and Subject To, giving you 3 options to sell your home with 3 unique offers on the house you are selling.

Sell Your House in Probate

We know if you inherited a home that is in Probate we can help. Often while the probate process can be a lengthy legal process your attorney will assist you in the court matters. We can offer you a cash price to buy the home from you. Saving you the need for real estate agent fees, preventing you from the hassles of having to get repairs, or ever deal with the house again. So if you’d like to sell it fast for cash? Sell it fast for cash to us.

Sell Your House in Divorce

If you’re getting divorced we can buy your house from you with a cash offer now. Walk away feeling good knowing you got the cash fast and without the headaches of listing, showing, or hiring an agent to sell your home.

Divorce Settlement Agreements come with a need to decide who gets what, make the decision to sell your house for cash.

Selling Your Vacant Home

We buy houses fast, all cash in as-is condition. No repairs needed by you the seller, and no real estate agent commissions to pay either. Often our customers with a vacant home nearly forget they have it, and it has usually been sitting around for 3 to 10 years or more untouched. That’s when they call us to sell their home for cash quickly.

If you inherited a home that you no longer want, Sell your vacant house fast for cash now.  Call Now (845) 500-8749

Sell Your Home If You're Relocating

Call us if you’re relocating to a new area. Maybe it’s for a job transfer or military transfer, if you’ve got to sell your home fast, you’re in the right place. Give us a call for a fast cash price to buy your home. Sell your house fast for cash now.  Call Now (845) 500-8749

Sell Your Home As-Is for a Cash Offer

Get an all cash offer on your house now. We buy houses fast, all cash in as-is condition. No repairs needed by you the seller, and no real estate agent commissions to pay.

Sell your house fast for cash now.  Call Now (845) 500-8749

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