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Having a home in probate often comes with an inheritance. While we cannot offer legal advice, we can offer you an all cash deal to sell the home once the probate has been settled. However, we’ll give you the cash offer now. Get Your Cash Offer Now from us.

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If you were left a house in probate or inherited a home that needs to be sold fast for cash, without having to pay real estate agent commissions we buy houses in probate.
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Sell us your home before it goes to foreclosure auction.
Now is the right time to sell your house for cash while it is in foreclosure. Get your cash offer now (845) 500-8749

Divorce Settlement Agreement? We'll Give You A Cash Offer Now For Your Home

If you're getting a divorce and you want to sell your home we'll give you a cash offer now to purchase your home from you. Get an All Cash Deal Now to sell your house fast.
You found the right place to sell your house fast for cash!
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Moving out of state? We'll Buy Your Home All Cash w/an All Cash House Offer

Need to sell your home because you are moving out of state? Job transfer? Military transfer? Moving on and want to sell your house? We buy houses cash. Call (845) 500-8749

Downsizing? We buy houses for cash fast, and close quickly!

Need a smaller home and just want to sell the one you're looking to downsize away from? We buy houses fast and close quickly. Give us a call now for an all cash offer (845) 500-8749

Vacant Home or a House that You Just Don't Want or You Need To Sell? We buy houses fast, cash, creative, and sub-to.

Cash House Offer for your home is just a click or call away. Get a Cash Offer Now (845) 500-8749

Probate Resources and Tips

When you are dealing with probate here are some things to know:

  • Probate laws are different in every state
  • You should seek legal counsel, probate attorney, or equivalent process expert with the court for handling estates, real estate, and probate situations
  • We cannot buy a house from you until you legally own it
  • However we can make you an offer on the house in probate that you would be inheriting so you know what it is worth for us to buy it as-is
  • Once the probate is completed and you own the home 100% in your name we can buy the house for an agreed offer price

NY – Probate Resources for New York

FL – Probate Recommendations In Florida

PA – Probate Law for Pennsylvania

NC – Estates Dealing With Probate in North Carolina

OH – Probate Property Laws in Ohio

TX – Probate Laws and Resources in Texas

AZ – Probate Protection in Arizona

NV – Probate Law in Nevada

Sell Your House After Probate – Get The Offer Now

IF you inherited your home, we understand that there may be a tough situation happening. Probate is a process one must complete to get the rights to said property. Our investors are happy to speak with you to make you a cash offer for the house you would like to sell. We know there are many reasons, and we believe that selling a house that you don’t want or need is often a wise thing to do. Here’s why:

  • IF you have no attachment to the house it often makes sense to have the cash instead of the home
    >> Many people we work with that have a probate home already own their own home and don’t need the house they are receiving or have received in probate 
    >> It’s a wise time to sell and get the cash to invest into something as the housing market begins to decline
    >> Avoiding the need for any repairs when you sell to us – We Buy Houses As Is
  • You’ll Pay No Commissions To Us Or An Agent To Close The House In Escrow Once You Own It And You Are Ready To Sell
  • You’ll Pay No Closing Costs When You Sell The House To Us

We Buy Houses After You Win The Judgement From Probate

  • Get The Peace-of-Mind You Need To Have The House Gone And Move On
  • Get The Cash You’re Looking For From The House You Want To Sell
  • We Can Offer A Complimentary Consultation With You To Answer Any Questions You May Have For Selling The Home You Already Own
  • We Can Pay Off Most Legal Fees and Any Liens That Are Left On The Property
  • We Will Make You An All Cash House Offer To Buy Your Home Fast

Sell Your House in Probate

For a seller in probate, it is important to act quickly and with patience, as it can be a lengthy legal process. Here are some things a seller needs to know:

Getting A Cash Offer Now is ideal: Selling a house is easy when you have a buyer ready to buy. That gives us the ability to help you navigate the process to sell the home. We can put some money in your pocket and help you move on to the next chapter in your life, providing you an all cash offer to buy the home you own.

  1. Selling a home in probate is a smart choice and helps you worry less, plus it provides the cash, and we’ll settle out any past debts on the property to make sure the home is free of any liens, past due payments owed, or back taxes.
  2. We can buy your home for cash, or with a Subject To, or Creative Financing deal structure. 

  3. You get 3X the offers on the home you own. When You Sell it to us at

YOU MUST OWN THE HOME TO SELL IT. However, you can call us now to get a cash offer so you know what we’re willing to pay for the house you are looking to sell. 

We buy houses in New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada. Each state has its own unique ways of handling the legal process of probate. Once you own the home you can sell it to us for cash. Get your cash offer from Cash Offer Faster!

Sell Your Home As-Is for a Cash Offer

Get an all cash offer on your house now. We buy houses fast, all cash in as-is condition. No repairs needed by you the seller, and no real estate agent commissions to pay.

Sell your house fast for cash now.  Call Now (845) 500-8749

We Buy Houses and Multi-Family Properties

We Buy Houses in Florida

Some of our best markets are throughout Central Florida from Tampa, St. Petersburg, to Jacksonville, Daytona, and Orlando.

We Buy Houses in New York

Our best NY markets to buy houses fast for cash are Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, Orange County NY, and Westchester County, New York.

We Buy Houses in Pennsylvania

We love to buy houses in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Erie, Reading PA, and Allenton. Sell us your house as-is. Cash buyers are ready to purchase your house with an all cash offer.

We Buy Houses in Ohio

Throughout Ohio we enjoy buying houses in Dayton, Akron, Toledo, Columbus, and Cleveland. Sell your house to us with 3X the offers.

We Buy Houses in North Carolina

When it comes to NC we buy houses in Fayetteville, Greenville, Asheville, Charlotte, Greensboro, and Jacksonville North Carolina.

We Buy Houses in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the offers. We buy houses in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin. Sell your house to us Lone Star.

We Buy Houses in Arizona

From Phoenix, to Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, and even Scottsdale… We buy houses in Arizona

We Buy Houses in Nevada

Southern Nevada has been a great market and still growing. We buy houses in Henderson, Las Vegas, and Summerlin all along the 215.

Top Cities To Sell Your House Fast

Sell Your House For Cash in Tampa, FL

The Tampa FL housing market is hot. It’s a great time to sell a house you own for cash. You can sell fast when you’re ready give us a call.

We Buy Houses in Syracuse, NY

This is a great market to sell in at the moment. People are wanting more of what Syracuse has to offer. We buy houses for cash with quick closing and there’s no need for repairs.

Sell Your House For Cash in Buffalo, NY

Sell your house to us as-is in Buffalo. We continually get calls from people in Rochester and Buffalo that would like to sell their house for cash. It’s a win-win and a great deal for everyone.

Sell Your House For Cash in San Antonio, TX

This market is on fire with plenty of people that want to buy. Sell your house to us, we’ll buy homes in any condition and provide you with 3x the offers on your house.

We Buy Houses in Chandler, AZ

Selling your house in Chandler to upgrade for one in Scottsdale? Moving out of state or relocating? These are common reasons people call us to sell their house fast for cash.

We Buy Houses in Philadelphia, PA

One of the biggest markets we serve is Pennsylvania, and one of the biggest cities we serve there is Philadelphia. Sell your house to us, get an all cash offer now to sell your house.

We Buy Houses in Las Vegas, NV

Anything on the west side of the 215 is our favorite place to buy houses. We also like Henderson and the nice areas outside of town along the outskirts of the mountain terrain in Las Vegas.

We Buy Houses in Dallas, TX

Dallas and Fort Worth are some great areas to buy at the moment and we love Texas, All PARTS of THE LONE STAR STATE. Everything is bigger in Texas, and Dallas is among the best places. Sell your house fast now.

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