How To Sell Your House

There are many ways to sell your house. Here are the 5 of the most popular ways to sell your house:

  1. Get an All Cash Offer to sell your house.
  2. Traditional Buyer with Financing & An Agent.
  3. Selling your house Seller Carry, acting as the bank to take payments for the sale price of your house with the agreed purchase & sale terms.
  4. Subject To, we’ll take over the payments on your home and depending how much you owe & what the home is worth you may be getting cash at closing.
  5. Creative terms, there are at least 3 ways we can show you on how to sell your house. Call to ask how much you can get when you sell your house to us.

Our Cash Buyers are available to take your call, and we’ll give you 3 offers to choose from so you can pick the offer that best fits your needs to sell your house.

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How To Sell Your House
How Can I Sell My House for Cash

Is this the best way to sell your house?

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How To Sell Your House Fast For Cash to a Cash Home Buyer:

How To Sell Your House Fast For Cash to a Cash Home Buyer:

Pros: We pay cash for houses. You’ll get up to 3 offers for your house in just 1 call. You have lots of options, once you see what we can do for you in terms of offers you decide which one best fits your needs. We pay all the closing costs and fees. We can close in as little as 7-30 days.

Cons: We cannot lose money. You are selling your house. We do need to make something in the deal in order to buy your house.

More Pros: We will give a fair price. If it is an all cash deal we can give you our best possible number. Plus, we will pay all closing costs, and fees associated with selling your home. And, you’ll have up to 3 options to choose from including: cash, subject to, and creative deal offers to sell your house.

Hopefully, now you can see how to sell your house with an instant cash offer. Call for up to 3 offers to sell your house now (845) 500-8749

Instant Cash Offer to Sell My House

Taking The Time To Interview and Hire An Agent To Sell Your House:

Pros: They do most of the work. They market the property. They show the property. They negotiate for you when you sell your home.

Cons: You pay commissions, broker fees, closing costs, and things like fixing the house up, major or minor repairs needed to fix for showings, and miscellaneous expenses. You pay some or more of the repairs that are required from the buyers lender to get the loan based on the appraisal.

Avoid Short Selling Your House:

Pros: It does get a new buyer in your home and you out.

Cons: You are losing money on your down payment, your payments, and losing money paying to short sell. This is not the best way to sell a house for cash. If you need to sell your home fast we DO NOT recommend short sales. Give us a call to find out how we can help with either cash, subject to, or creative. There are at least 4 more profitable ways to sell your house fast.

Get Cash Selling Your House Subject To:

Pros: You get paid some cash at closing and we can take over your existing debt helping you to sell the house and with a 3rd party company to process payments as stated in title docs. Automatically withdrawing the house payment each month from the buyer and making the payment on your loan to the lender. Subject To works for most VA loans, FHA loans, and some other loan types.

IF you are looking to sell your house fast because you are behind on payments, you want to avoid foreclosure, or you simply want to sell your home fast, call us now for an instant cash offer.

Cons: When accepting subject to as the purchase activity and deal terms to buy your home we will need to remain in 2nd or 3rd position. Your lender will remain in 1st or 2nd position depending on how much is owed on the mortgage. Your name will remain on the loan. Which is actually a pro in that you can benefit on your credit score by showing all your mortgage payments on the home loan are up-to-date and being made on time on your behalf by the buyer. One con is not all lenders and loans can be taken over in a purchase as Subject To. Speak with one of our cash house buyers to see what your cash offer will be.

Subject To is essentially commonly used when we are willing to take over the payments on your house. It can come with additional cash at closing depending on the agreed price and what you owe on the house.

Our cash buyers love to buy houses Subject To. We’ll help you negotiate with the bank or the lender as much or as little as you authorize us to do with you or on your behalf. Often the lenders are willing to accept the terms because they don’t want to have to deal with the house being foreclosed and then auctioned. It is pretty easy for any VA loan or FHA loan that allows us to take over your payments.

How To Sell Your House Fast w/ Creative Sales Terms:

Pros: Seller Carry, Morby Method, Subject To, are among the most chosen ways we can offer to sell your house. In any situation cash is always a part of the equation. Most importantly is the condition of the house and the comps, along with what you are looking to get for the home. When you are open to exploring more than just a cash offer Seller Carry, Morby Method, or Creative deals like Subject To can at times yield you a higher selling price which can mean more money in your pocket.

In all our deals we pay all the closing costs and fees associated with the purchase of your home. So you can sell your house fast with little to no money out of pocket.

Cons: Seller Carry does require you to have some form of equity or a great loan term. Same applies with Subject To. We cannot buy a house subject to if the terms are way out of line with what is profitable. If the numbers pencil out we are happy to make the deal with you as long as you agree.

One con to having 3 offers is you may need to really evaluate which of the 3 offers is best for you. 

Determine with our cash home buyers help which offers best fit your needs and are going to provide you with the most money for the sale of your house. This is where creative terms to sell your house can be a huge advantage for you. Some sellers make out really well with even more than if they would have sold the house for an all cash offer. Creative deals can be a boon for you to sell a home fast as is.

How To Sell Your Home For Cash

Selling your home for cash can be simple and easy to do, as long as you speak with a cash home buyer now at Cash Offer Faster. We’ll provide you with up to 3 offers to sell your home quickly, including an all cash offer. Plus two additional ways you can sell your home for cash.

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